Lindy Michie was born in Dorset, England and lived there with her family until she left home at the age of sixteen. Her paternal grandmother, Anne Redpath, is one of the most well known and best-loved Scottish painters of her time and her father, Alastair Michie, had a distinguished career as a painter and sculptor.

Lindy moved to Vancouver in 1974, married in 1979 and relocated with her young family to Qualicum Beach in 1983. After eighteen years of country life, a desire for change and new challenges brought her to Victoria where she currently resides with her husband and an ever-changing combination of family, friends and animals.

What they say

“The textures and images Michie achieves give the impression of being not so much the result of adding to as subtracting from; the opposite of her grandmother’s impasto realism and, instead, a kind of pentimento technique of scraping away just enough of the painted surface to reveal successive layers beneath.

In almost every case with these paintings, a reserved surface plane parts to reveal shimmeringly dramatic colours which, far from being secondary to the artist’s chosen shapes, seem to determine and explain their very existence.”

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